The Boobtatstic Boobettes

Wow, your hair! It’s really long! Yours too- is that how you finally want it?
Talking about hair, A normal conversation between to normal girls- one would think… But actually this was the chit chat between me and another girl that had had breast cancer during the last Boobette meeting in between breaks. And yes it was a normal conversation but only normal to us. Just as chatting about the side effects of tamoxifen versus letrozole and zoladex, during lunch came as natural to us, as talking about comparing diving in the Galapagos isles with diving in the Red Sea.
I love these girls!
Whilst I love all my friends, it is only with this bunch of boobtaatic Boobettes that I don’t feel like I am an outsider. Other girls my age talk about buying a house, having kids and getting married. With these girls I can share my deepest fears, I can talk about reconstruction, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and the side effects without fearing that they don’t understand.
So this post is a thank you, a thank you to all the Boobettes! I won’t be grateful to cancer, but I will be grateful for having met these girls! And I will definitely be grateful to CoppaFeel! For allowing me to be part of this inspiring charity and allowing me to use my sucky diagnosis to hopefully inspire young people to get into the habit of checking their boobs!

Always look on the bright side of life

So today I finally had my follow up with my lovely breast surgeon at Leeds St James Hospital. It is exactly two years ago that I was carted into theater and said good bye to my right tit- and hello to the work of art that is the reconstruction boob. Really, Dr A did an amazing job- the scar is barely visible…

Driving into the car park at the Bexley wing I could feel myself tense up- I hadn’t been here for 6 months…and boy I had not missed this place.

Back to the new boob- whilst, yes Dr A did an amazing job ensuring I did not wake up tittless, which I was adamant I wouldn’t- it is precisely this that has led me back to the Breast Clinic. As my cancer rather large, originally at least 5cm and it had spread to 2 Lymphnodes- the team at St James felt that radiation therapy was necessary. This is the problem- implants and radiotherapy don’t like each other…basically there is a high chance of the implant hardening and shrinking. As I didn’t want to a) wake up without a boob b) have a second operation or c) create anymore scars on my body, an immediate implants was the only choice…and I choose to take that risk (hey the odds can’t always be against me?!!!)

Haha…guess what- my implant has hardened! Not that much that much that it needs to be removed…but enough that Dr A felt that we should try lypofilling… Basically what the plan is, is to remove fat- through liposuction around my waist, clarify it, and inject it around my new boob. Sounds ok doesn’t it- free lypo…not necessarily a trade of I would choose- but hey now I might as well…

So after convincing Dr A that we would try and do this lypo under local anaesthetic, instead if a general anaesthetic…well how painfully can this  be- I will be having my first fat transfer beginning of December 😀. Yay- I am actually looking forward to this procedure- after having lost my boob…now I get to loose some inches of my waist- if that’s not good thing 😉. As I said- always look on the bright side of life!

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Open your eyes!

If this journey has taught me one thing, then that is to appreciate everyday things.


I suppose sometimes all it takes is to open your eyes- and even the most ordinary thing can seem extra ordinary! 🍂🍁🍄


Instead of us all racing around, trying to get the newest gadget, fly to the most exotic locations, sometimes we should just stand back and appreciate the things that are around us.


Beeee Happyyyy

I saw this in front of a shop in the corn exchange…a good slogan me thinks:


1 Day in Istanbul

Sun, Sea and relaxing

So yesterday I flew to Sharm El Sheikh- again…twice in one year…that’s a bit excessive you may think…or she must have an Egyptian boyfriend.
Excessive it may be, but I needed to get out of dreary old Europe and go somewhere where there was guaranteed sun shine, the possibility of diving and somewhere that relatively cheap. Sharm El Sheikh ticks those boxes. On the note of a boyfriend- a big fat NO, never again! I am sure there might, possibly, very unlikely be some nice Egyptian men out there- but I am sure they can find other nice European girls…
This time I decided to fly to Sharm via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines, as my last experience flying charter was a rather traumatic experience. Not nobly was the flight delayed by over two hours both ways, but I just don’t see why I need to cue in a cattle market, pay extra for everything (including a blanket to keep me warm when the air craft air conditioning is working overtime)- and in the end pay just as much as if I had flown with a national carrier…
This meant I arrived in Sharm at 4 in the morning, when I then had to haggle with the taxi driver over is over priced taxi fair (how can a journey of 19 min cost just as much as a journey of two hours?) But hey, they need to make some money too..
I did have a very pleasant surprise when I walked into The Pirates Bar at the Hilton Fayrouz to pick up as spot of lunch. I bumped into two of my old colleagues who now work there- and as a result I now am allowed to use the beach at Hilton Fayrouz- for free…which is rather fortunate as they charge for day use…and it is the nicest beach in Naama Bey.

Lack of sleep is catching up on me- and I have arranged to be picked up at 7.3o am tomorrow for my first dive…so I guess I am going to have an early night!

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The highs and lows of Andean trekking


One of my fellow Boobettes! So proud to know her!
You are amazing Cath xxx

Originally posted on hope overflowing:

Since returning from Peru on Saturday, I have been asked so many times, “How did it go?”, What was it like?”, “Did you make it??”

It is hard to describe quite what trekking in the Andes was like. For me I think the best way to describe it is that is was wonderful and yet so very hard at the same time. Like many things in life I suppose, and especially things worth doing… Wonderful and so very hard all mixed together!

First, some of the hard bits… The altitude absolutely and literally took my breath away! I found breathing so tough at altitude and I was surprised at how little things left me completely out of breath. Things like brushing my teeth or getting dressed. No wonder you have to walk so slowly!!

The walking was gruelling (maybe not for everyone, but let’s face it I am not all…

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Running for charity…or rather please sponsor me :-)

I know a lot of you have allready supported my running madness, and have kindly donated to my previous running challenge.
I just finished my last running challenge for the year. I ran the Glasgow Half Marathon. One would have thought that, as this was my 4th Half Marathon this year, I would have got to grips with the training, the running, and the preparation…but no…I still find the entire effort totally exhausting! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate every single moment, but I also do not love it! But I do it because I want to raise money, I want to raise awareness and I want to challenge myself! I want to prove that I can do it- despite the Cancer Shmancer…
The Glasgow Half Marathon was hard work, especially because I got stopped 3 times, people wanted to take picture, interview me for the BBC (unfortunately I did not make it on to the BBC….booo) and interview me during the race!! Hey if you make a tit of yourself you are going to be noticed.
Finishing this Half Marathon means that I, a long distance running novice have run 4 half marathons in year…thats 84,4 km, over 10 hrs racing time, 2 new pairs of trainers, and 50 balloons (to fill the boob)…
I would really appreciate if you could dig deep and support me again.
The money raised goes towards CoppaFeel!’s mission to stamp out late diagnosis like mine by educating young people to get to know their boobs and the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.
Please click the below link…and donate :-)
Thanks for allowing CoppaFeel! to do their work

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Tots agree with this at the moment…2 more days and I am on holiday…

So true:



Reflecting on having Breast Cancer twice, in my 20's and 30's and life in its wake. It's time to start talking.......

Jess Weller / My Travelling Life

"Life is either an extraordinary adventure......or nothing" (Even if you have Breast Cancer!)

Beautiful Life with Cancer

Discovering the Gift


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