Sun, Sea and relaxing

So yesterday I flew to Sharm El Sheikh- again…twice in one year…that’s a bit excessive you may think…or she must have an Egyptian boyfriend.
Excessive it may be, but I needed to get out of dreary old Europe and go somewhere where there was guaranteed sun shine, the possibility of diving and somewhere that relatively cheap. Sharm El Sheikh ticks those boxes. On the note of a boyfriend- a big fat NO, never again! I am sure there might, possibly, very unluckily be some nice Egyptian men out there- but I am sure they can find other nice European girls…
This time I decided to fly to Sharm via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines, as my last experience flying charter was a rather traumatic experience. Not nobly was the flight delayed by over two hours both ways, but I just don’t see why I need to cue in a cattle market, pay extra for everything (including a blanket to keep me warm when the air craft air conditioning is working overtime)- and in the end pay just as much as if I had flown with a national carrier…
This meant I arrived in Sharm at 4 in the morning, when I then had to haggle with the taxi driver over is over priced taxi fair (how can a journey of 19 min cost just as much as a journey of two hours?) But hey, they need to make some money too..
I did have a very pleasant surprise when I walked into The Pirates Bar at the Hilton Fayrouz to pick up as spot of lunch. I bumped into two of my old colleagues who now work there- and as a result I now am allowed to use the beach at Hilton Fayrouz- for free…which is rather fortunate as they charge a ridiculous amount for day use…and it is the nicest beach in Naama Bey.

Lack of sleep is catching up on me- and I have arranged to be picked up at 7.3o am tomorrow for my first dive…so I guess I am going to have an early night!

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The highs and lows of Andean trekking


One of my fellow Boobettes! So proud to know her!
You are amazing Cath xxx

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Since returning from Peru on Saturday, I have been asked so many times, “How did it go?”, What was it like?”, “Did you make it??”

It is hard to describe quite what trekking in the Andes was like. For me I think the best way to describe it is that is was wonderful and yet so very hard at the same time. Like many things in life I suppose, and especially things worth doing… Wonderful and so very hard all mixed together!

First, some of the hard bits… The altitude absolutely and literally took my breath away! I found breathing so tough at altitude and I was surprised at how little things left me completely out of breath. Things like brushing my teeth or getting dressed. No wonder you have to walk so slowly!!

The walking was gruelling (maybe not for everyone, but let’s face it I am not all…

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Running for charity…or rather please sponsor me :-)

I know a lot of you have allready supported my running madness, and have kindly donated to my previous running challenge.
I just finished my last running challenge for the year. I ran the Glasgow Half Marathon. One would have thought that, as this was my 4th Half Marathon this year, I would have got to grips with the training, the running, and the preparation…but no…I still find the entire effort totally exhausting! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate every single moment, but I also do not love it! But I do it because I want to raise money, I want to raise awareness and I want to challenge myself! I want to prove that I can do it- despite the Cancer Shmancer…
The Glasgow Half Marathon was hard work, especially because I got stopped 3 times, people wanted to take picture, interview me for the BBC (unfortunately I did not make it on to the BBC….booo) and interview me during the race!! Hey if you make a tit of yourself you are going to be noticed.
Finishing this Half Marathon means that I, a long distance running novice have run 4 half marathons in year…thats 84,4 km, over 10 hrs racing time, 2 new pairs of trainers, and 50 balloons (to fill the boob)…
I would really appreciate if you could dig deep and support me again.
The money raised goes towards CoppaFeel!’s mission to stamp out late diagnosis like mine by educating young people to get to know their boobs and the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.
Please click the below link…and donate :-)
Thanks for allowing CoppaFeel! to do their work

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Tots agree with this at the moment…2 more days and I am on holiday…

So true:


Ice bucket challenge

So Monday one of my colleagues nominated me for the ice bucket challenge. I had just got back from volunteering for a CoppaFeel! at Leeds Festival, talking about #whatnormalfeelslike to the lovely festival crowed people, witch I absolutely loved doing. It’s so good being able to spread CoppaFeel!’s message of getting to know #whatnormalfeelslike and signing people up to regularly check their boobs. I told people I would not do it within 24 hrs- but I would do it, because doing something for charity is important!
So here is a clip of the final 15 sec- basically me bring drenched.

I decided to do it for #CoppaFeel! as I really believe in the work that they do. So anyone wanting to do this challenge why not do it for CoppaFeel! Or run a half marathon for them, cycle from Coast to Coast, or anything you can think of.

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I just went up to Glasgow for a short weekend to see one of my friends from uni. We ended up going to Edinburgh for the fringe festival.
Whilst I did not enjoy the masses of people- arghh…I hate, hate, hate being in those kinda cattle markets!!! I really enjoyed the the show that we saw.
We had not bought tickets in before hand- so after looking at the day planner, I suggested we should see “Wittanks Old School Secrets”. For anyone who went to boarding school- or Durham University- the logical choice for boarders…it’s a must see!


After watching that we walked back to the train station to get back to Glasgow. On our way back we got to see a really cool sunset 😀😀😀



All in all a really cool day out!!!

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My cancerversary treat 👠👠👠


2 years!!!

Ha, so as those of you that are friends with me on Facebook might have noticed- last week was my 2 year cancerversary!!!
What even my friends on Facebook won’t know, is that I forgot it! I had to look at the calendar to figure out what day two years ago I was diagnosed. I think that’s hilarious!!! It’s a bit like forgetting your own birthday, your wedding anniversary or any other significant date in your life.

Not only did I forget when it was, but I also forgot that it was my actual anniversary…it’s only when I was talking to one of my cancer friends about cancer related schmalocks, that I realised that it had been two years. Haha- suppose that’s what happens when you are busy living.

This years cancerversary is in stark contrast to last years’…last year I was in the midst of a 3 month stay in a psychiatric hospital- as I was unable to physically pull myself out of the sludge that I found myself in as a result of my breast cancer diagnosis and my ex-boyfriend breaking up with me half way through it, in a less than gentlemanly way!

Last year I found it difficult to concentrate on the most simple tasks- be it read a book, knit, or complete a crossword puzzle! I also found it extremely difficult to spend time by myself- being alone, meant having time to dwell on what had happened, and worry about what might happen- instead if just enjoying the presence. I was stuck in a hamster wheel- concentrating on the same things over and over again, unable to get out of this exhausting rut. Ultimately I was just not enjoying life, as I wasn’t living, but existing, existing in fear.

This year, its very much the opposite, I am travelling around, working, hitting sales targets and spending quite a bit if time by myself. Now, the time that I spend by myself is not me sitting in a corner pitying myself, nor am I just sitting on the sofa watching “Pointless”. I am going to the gym, running along the canal (must find a running club), driving up and down the country to see my friends. I would spend more time with my friends- but seeing that they live scattered around the world, this is kinda difficult! I suppose I could do an around the world trip 😀…. In the meantime I try to see my friends as much as possible.

I still have concentration issues- think they were always there, and were heightened through chemotherapy and the cancer worries. I no longer am stuck in the hamster wheel, well I hardly think about breast cancer… Sometimes, when their is less positive news about a fellow cancer friend, either because of spread or them passing away, then the fear mobily gets going again…but it’s more easily silenced now! And to quote a previously posted picture “worrying won’t stop the bad stuff from happening, but it will stop you enjoying the good stuff”. (And for those that told me to stop worrying before- you can’t just switch it off…you gotta learn to handle it…and then it switches if by itself!!)

This year has been one of finding a silver lining- my silver lining in this cancer malachie is raising awareness of breast cancer, finding a way to introduce charitable work into my work place, and starting to travel again. Ultimately my silver lining is learning to live, enjoy it and doing something worthwhile with life. It doesn’t mean that every cancer patient must go out and raise awareness, run zillions of marathons and travel the world- although it does seem a lot of us do that. One can also finally pursue ones career ambitions, build a house, or go back to college.

This year has also been a year of prioritising- looking at my work life balance- or rather lack of. Before I had cancer I always, always put work first- I would not go on holiday, not see my friends, and even not go to the Dr.’s because it did not suite my working hours. Funnily enough this did not always reflect in my numbers. This year I have concentrated on ensuring that I do go on holidays, that I do see my friends, that I do go to the Gym, and my numbers are better than they were before.
I suppose, I have found myself!

Before I go, a big massive thank you to my friends and family that have supported me throughout and since my breast cancer diagnosis. Big shout out out to all that have supported my running antics in aid of CoppaFeel!- you will find me running one more Half-Marathon this year- 4 is enough for my first year of running them! Donations are still greatly appreciated 😉.

So “Happy Cancerversary”; to life, to living, screw cancer!!

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